Where to eat

Are you at the UWB and just got hungry? You have several options!

You can buy a sandwich at one of the university’s cafeterias, choose a chocolate bar from the vending machine, or go for a bread and cracklings at the Družba Cafe. There is also a bakery and bistro just a few steps from Bory main university campus, next to the FAV building at the new apartments, and there are countless restaurants and canteens in the city centre itself. However, most students usually choose to eat in canteens, which operate at the UWB under the Dormitory and Canteen Administration (“Správa kolejí a menz ZČU” — SMK).

Catering at the UWB

In Pilsen we have 2 university’s canteens, in Cheb there is a canteen available to students in the Integrated Secondary Agricultural and Management School with an offer of two hot meals a day, including dinner. Meals in canteens are subsidized, its definitely worth paying with your JIS card.

Canteen Bory is on the university’s main campus, between the Rector’s Office building and the gym. The canteen reaches a capacity of up to 350 seats and is able to produce 4,000 dishes a day. There are on average eight hot meals, one dinner and several kinds of minutes to choose from. In addition, there is a self-service buffet with additional range (baguettes, salads, cold and hot drinks, pastries, sweets and desserts or vegetarian salads). There is a choice of vegetarian meals as well as meals prepared from an organic food.

Canteen Kollárova is located in the city center, directly – as the name suggests – in Kollárova street. The capacity of the canteen is up to 341 seats and the maximum daily production is 2300 dishes. The daily menu usually includes six hot meals. There is also, as in the canteen Bory, a self-service buffet with additional range.

You can find out what other buffets and cafes there are at the university on the map below. If you’re more interested in liquid food, check out the report from Kuba.

Menu and opening hours Canteen Bory
Menu and opening hours Canteen Kollárova

A few final tips

As a student you are entitled to 60 subsidized meals per month (on average 2 meals a day). In the canteens, you can choose from several dishes on site, as there is a no-order system. However, except for dinners, which must be ordered in advance at webskm.zcu.cz. Dinner during the holiday and the exam period shall not be served.

Are you on a diet and the canteen offer is not enough to keep you happy and your belly full? Of course, you can prepare your own food at home and then eat it at school during a break. But where to find a quiet place for lunch and where to heat up your lunch? An article by our Anet will tell you more. We also have a special Recipes tab on our blog, so feel free to get inspired and cook at home!



Where to eat?


Canteen Bory

Univerzitní 12

Canteen Kollárova

Kollárova 19

Buffets & Cafe

VŠ buffet „FST“

Univerzitní 22

VŠ buffet „FPE“

Klatovská 51

VŠ buffet Bolevecká

Bolevecká 30


Technická 8

Cafe University’s Library

Univerzitní 18

University Cafe Družba

Sedláčkova 19