Orient yourself at the UWB

We will help you get to know the UWB.

All new rules, systems, new environments, and strange abbreviations — that’s a tough challenge for every freshman. Maps of UWB buildings, a list of contacts and also a few tips on what pages you should follow to know what’s happening on campus and in Pilsen, are listed below.

Orient yourself at the UWB

The main campus of UWB is located in Borské pole, someone calls it the “Bory campus” or the “green triangle”. The main campus provides background for 6 faculties, 2 university institutes, scientific centers, the Rector’s Office building (UWB management), the Bory canteen, the gym, the University Library, the CIV, the ICC, the IC and other university workplaces. 4 of the 9 UWB faculties are located in the city center: Faculty of Education in Chodské náměstí and in Veleslavínova street, Faculty of Arts in Sedláčková, Riegrova and Jungmannova streets, Faculty of Law in sady Petatricatinku and Faculty of Health Care Studies in Tylova street. The UWB buildings are scattered throughout the city and have a special sign, always consisting of two letters. Let’s explain it with an illustrative example – a selected classroom in the city center:

SP 210 = Sedláčkova Street 15, room 210

The first letter indicates the first name of the street in which the building is located (S as Sedláčkova), the second letter the descriptive number (P = fifteen, ie 15) and the separately mentioned number (210) indicates the room number. Here, moreover, the number itself refers directly to the floor of the building in which the room is located – room 210 is on the 2nd floor,  while the room number itself is always visible on the door of the classroom.

It’s more difficult with the signs of the buildings on the main campus, where most buildings share the same address – Univerzitní, so it’s a good to simply remember the abbreviations. But you can always use the wheelchair-access map of the UWB. It marks both individual university workplaces, rooms, student association residences, as well as wheelchair-access entries.

Be in the loop

What just happened at the University of West Bohemia, and what’s about to happen? You’ll find out thanks to the Department of External Relations (“Vnější vztahy” — VV), which regularly brings news from university life on the web and social networks. They also publish a university magazine and articles and fulfills the portal info.zcu.cz. Visit your e-mail, faculty website, your department’s website, and the university-wide Facebook page @zapadoceskauniverzitaplzen on a regular basis. An Instagram heart is worth giving to @zcuplzen, @rokjednazcu or other university workplaces. If you’re a freshman at the UWB, be sure not to miss the Year One festival, where you can get acquainted both the workings of the university and your classmates.

You can find the schedule, enrolment for exams, menu in the canteen, but also notifications of important study dates in the STUDENT ZČU mobile application


Mgr. Kamila Kolářová

e-mail: kolaro@rek.zcu.cz
tel. +420 377 631 070

Department of External Relations

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