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Get acquainted with the academic world, find out the possibilities of studying at the UWB, orient yourself in the study regulations and learn to work in the Portal. Discover the magic of study rooms and always keep your JIS card.

The offer of studies at the UWB is really varied. It’s never too late to start studying another field!

> Study options <

Who will be your guardian angel during your studies? Keep in touch with your study assistant.

> Study departements <

What are credits, how to register for exams and what to do if you don’t succeed in any way? Knowledge of the study regulations is the basis.

> Study and examination regulations <

When, what, how? Mandatory note in your diary!

> Schedule of the year <

Internet application where you will find your schedule, grades, exam records and much more.

> UWB portal <

Your electronic identity and your physical university ID.

> Orion account and JIS card<

Are you interested in drones, art history, or journalism? You have a number of programs to choose from that can be the decoration of your resume.

> Certificate programs <

Is it your first year? We look forward to seeing you in your Year One!

> Year one <

Are you looking for a quiet place to work? Try the university study rooms.

> Study rooms <

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