Certificate programs at the UWB

Are you interested in drones, art history, or journalism? You have a number of programs that can adorn your resume.

What are certificate programs?

These are comprehensive courses, which were created by an association of selective or “C” subjects. You can use them to complete the study of your basic field. It is necessary to choose a program outside of your program plan and field. So, for example, if you are studying a technical field, choose between certificate programs that are humanities-oriented.

How to register them and when will I receive a certificate?

The subjects that make up the certificate program are enrolled by default when pre-registrating subjects for the next academic year. They can also be written down individually; it is usually not necessary to complete all courses in one semester. When you complete all subjects and meet the conditions for admission to the final exam (part of the final exam may be the elaboration of an individual work, according to the requirements of a specific program), you will be given a deserved certificate for graduation.