Study rooms

Ideal places to learn

Do you need peace to learn or do you prefer to look for a busier environment? The study rooms in the library will provide you with peace and quiet. University clubhouses tend to be much livelier. See the lines below for more details, including information on where computers are available.

Study rooms in the library

The study rooms of the University Library are open according to the opening hours of the library. They can be booked by phone, e-mail or in person. You will also find space for study directly in the library “between the shelves”, where you will find not only a table and a chair, but often also a computer.

Bory Library, Univerzitní 18, Plzeň

  • 3 collective study rooms for 9-11 people on the ground floor, exceptionally also function as night study rooms after the end of the library’s opening hours, ask for the rules at the loan desk.
  • 2 collective study rooms (equipped with PC and one interactive whiteboard) for 11-15 people on the 1st floor; 9 individual study rooms (4 of them are equipped with PC) on the 1st floor.

Faculty of Arts and Law Library, Sady Pětatřatátníků, Plzeň:

  • Team study room on the 1st and 2nd floor for 10 people, serves primarily as a seminar room, capacity 10 people, 1 PC available.
  • Clubhouse on the ground floor for 15 people, a place for relaxation and refreshments.

Pedagogical Library, Klatovská 51, Plzeň:

  • Team study room on the 2nd floor (room KL328) for 12 people, of which 2 places equipped with PC.
  • Study room Veleslavínova (Veleslavínova 42, room VC112) for 43 people, of which 9 places equipped with PC.

Where else?

Study room FAV

Study room FEL

  • room EP207, capacity 15 people


  • relaxation area at FST

At the UWB, there are also computer classrooms under the administration of the CIV or a computer classroom at FEL (room EU506). The ideal space for team counseling is definitely the UWB Kulturka in the city center or the B-room on the university campus in Bory. Some students praise the atmosphere of the university café Družba and others like to repeat the curriculum while playing football in the “student corridor” at FST. This article also tells you that finding a suitable place to study is an extremely subjective discipline.