Frequently Asked Questions


What is a pre-enrolment and how does it work?

In pre-enrolment, you make a preliminary choice of your study plan for the following academic year. Organization of pre-enrolment is stipulated by the Rector. The exact organization of pre-enrolment is stipulated by the Dean of the given faculty in accordance with individual principles and the UWB academic calendar. The pre-enrolment is online.

How many credits do I need to advance to the next year?

To advance to the next year, you need to get 40 credits in the first year. In the further course of study, you must always obtain 80 credits for four consecutive semesters. In the first year, be careful to get at least 20 credits in the first semester.

What is the difference between A, B and C subjects?

A = compulsory courses, so you have to fulfill them.

B = compulsory elective courses. You can choose them yourself from the offer of subjects at your faculty. The study plan will determine the number of credits for subjects B or the number of subjects B that you must complete.

C = free elective courses. This includes not only language subjects and courses, but also a PE. You can choose from hundreds of subjects taught at the UWB. You can enroll in C courses for a maximum of 15 credits throughout your studies.

How Registration Pass works?

A registration pass exempts a student from the obligation to re-register for compulsory elective (B) or free elective (C) courses when you will not fulfill (or you don’t want to fulfill, because you already have enough credits). You can have a pass for as many as the standard period of your studies. You don’t have to go anywhere with a request for a pass, they will do it automatically in the student administration office. Attention! If it is a course that ends with an exam, it is included in the average as if you got four.

Where can I confirm the Settlement of Obligations to UWB?

If you have any obligations in the library or in the canteen, you can find out on the UWB Portal in the section “Já” (“I”), “Další aplikace” (”Other applications”), “Vypořádání studentů” (“Student settlement”). If you have no obligations to the UWB, just go to your student administration office and they will issue you a confirmation. If you have a balance on JUK (“single university account”) or you owe somewhere, there are two options to choose from. You can go to the cash register in the canteen or solve everything online.

How do I know if my JIS card is made and ready?

That your JIS card is ready, you’ll find it out on the Portal in the section JIS card. You can pick up your JIS card when the note next to the card says „Karta připravena k výdeji“ (”Card ready to be issued”). Another option is to call the HelpDesk (+420 377 638 888).

What should I do if I forget my Orion login?

Visit the HelpDesk on the Bory campus or on Jungmanova Street in the centre, where they’ll generate a new temporary password for you. We recommend that you change password by phone, then you can just call HelpDesk (+420 377 638 888) during opening hours from the comfort of your home.


Am I entitled to an accommodation grant when I live in a dormitory?

Probably yes! Every UWB student who has a permanent residence outside the Plzeň – město district, it is his / her first degree programme and he / she have not exceeded the standard length of study in a degree programme is entitled to an accommodation.

When are grants paid?

Social and accommodation grants are paid quarterly. The date of payment and the amount are determined by the Rector’s decision. If you don’t want to constantly look for new legislation, follow the Facebook ICC. Find out more about merit and special grants payments in your student administration office.

Can I change the bank account number to which my grants go?

Yes. But watch out the timing. The bank account number can be changed no later than 10 days before the payment date, which you will find in the Rector’s decision (or on our FB @IPC.ZCU.CZ).

Will I receive a grant if I transfer to another field of study?

Unfortunately no. If you decide to transfer to another field for any reason, you will not be entitled to an accommodation grant in a new field of study.

Study-related fees

How to find out when you need to start paying?

There are several ways. Students are recommended to follow their obligations to the university on the UWB Portal in the section “Moje údaje“ (“My Data”) in the box “Závazky studenta vůči škole – co má student zaplatit“ (“Students Obligations to University – What the Student Pays”). At the time you are charged a tuition fee, the UWB will send you a registered letter entitled “Decision in the Matter of Charging a Tuition Fee” by the Czech Post.

Can I appeal against the fees? If so, how?

If you received a “Decision in the Matter of Charging a Tuition Fee”, you can file an appeal within 30 days of receiving the letter. In your application, you may request a fee waiver, a fee reduction, a reassignment of the due date or a review of the decision. The reasons to be taken into account, you’ll in the Statute of UWB in attachment 2. It is worth come to the ICC for an advice.

Do I have to pay the fee at once?

You don’t have to, you can pay the fee in installments. Make sure that you enter the correct information (bank account number, variable and specific symbol) when entering the payment, so that the payments are correctly matched. You can check the payment has arrived on the UWB Portal in the section “Moje studium” (“My Study”) in the box “Moje údaje” (“My Data”).

Where can I verify that the amount has been credited to account?

You can check if the payment has arrived on the UWB Portal in the section “Moje studium” (“My Study”) in the box “Moje údaje” (“My Data”). If you no longer have access to the Portal or if you do not see payment information on the Portal even after a few working days, call to the ICC.

Health and social insurance

When do I have to pay for health insurance as a student?

After reaching 26 you have to pay health insurance. This does not apply if you are studying full-time doctoral studies; in this case, the state pays insurance for you for the standard period of study. The moment your studies are interrupted, you must pay your health insurance.

What about the payment of health and social insurance for the period of interrupted study?

The moment your studies are interrupted, you must pay your health insurance. When you interrupt your studies, ask your health insurance company how to proceed. By law, social insurance is compulsory paid only from taxable incomes. Interruption of studies doesn’t affect this.

Since when do I have to start paying for health insurance after graduation?

If you have successfully completed your university studies, the state shall cover your health insurance for the entire calendar month after the completion of studies (i.e. if your last state final examination took place on the 3rd June, your protective period ends on the 31st July, the obligation to cover your health insurance yourself arises on the 1st August). You must report to the health insurance company within 8 days from the date your study was officially terminated.

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