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Get acquainted with the activities of university workplaces

Reveal the meaning of abbreviations. Explore the university campus and make self feel like home at UWB – accommodated, eaten, satisfied and informed!

You have no idea? Do you need help with your personal or study life?


Do you have problem with the wi-fi connection? Forgot your Orion password or aren’t you good at digital technology?

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Erasmus recommends 11 out of 10 students. Would you also like to taste the university education system in another European country?

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Are you looking for required literature, electronic resources for your seminar work? Discover the magic of university study rooms.

>Be educated with the UK<

English, Russian, French… no problemo! Do you know, that you can also study languages at UWB in the summer?

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Whether you are an athlete in body and soul or you are training just to meet credits, one thing is for sure. Exercise is a medicine.

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Live well and why not in the dormitories, that SKM takes care of. Or do you prefer a private condo?


With a full belly, everything is better. Go to the canteen, buffet or cafe.

>Where to eat<

Do you know where JJ is and which tram will take you to campus? Are you capable to work with information?

>Orient yourself at the UWB<

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>Are you a freshman? It will be pleasure to perform your Year one! <

> You know the UWB well? It’s time to explore the city!<

> Aren’t you afraid of challenges and would you like to contribute to the improvement of culture at UWB?Join one of the student associations.>