Speak languages with UJP

Be global!

The Institute of Applied Language Studies (“Ústav jazykové přípravy“ – UJP) will help you to “sell” your knowledge at world! Choose from a wide range of language courses with both Czech and native speakers. Both US Point Center and Russian Center will help with English and Russian, you get a bunch of friends from all over the world at the International Summer Language School, and you can boast your TOIC International Exam certificate to an employer or foreign school.

Cultural centers at UJP

The UJP has two cultural-information centers: the US Point American Center and the Russian Center. At the US Point American Center you can get advice on studying, internship or part-time job in America, read magazines and newspapers at the centre itself, or volunteer. The diverse range of events also includes regular English conversations, so-called English Conversation Club. The Russian Center focuses on the promotion of the Russian language and Russian culture. They do so mainly through seminars, courses, lectures or workshops.

International Summer Language School

Considering what you’re doing this summer? Come have fun! English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese or foreigners Czech throughout the three weeks in July, when the already traditionally International Summer Language School at UWB in Pilsen is under way.


Jitka Bušková

e-mail: buskova@ujp.zcu.cz
tel. +420 377 635 201


Where can you find UJP?

Ústav jazykové přípravy

Univerzitní 22
301 00 Plzeň
door n. UU 304

Opening hours

Mon – Fri 9am –11am and 1pm – 3pm

Both US Point and Russian Center are located in the UJP building. US Center US Point in room UU 309, Russian Center in room UU 308.