Do sports with KTS

Exercise is a cure!

Whether you’re an athlete in body and soul, or you’re just exercising for credits, the offer from the Department of Physical Education and Sports (“Katedra tělesné výchovy a sportu”KTS) is worth getting acquainted with. KTS has a sports complex UWB Bory and a complex in area Bolevecká. In both places you’ll find a large sports hall, a small gym and a fitness room. In addition, there is a climbing wall, a combat gym and a newly furnished room for popular exercises with the TRX system in Bory.

Serve stellar performances

Every year, KTS organizes the Rector’s Cup competition, in which teams of individual faculties consisting of students and UWB employees compete. And if you’re a top-level athlete (or close to one), be sure to let Mgr. Ondřej Vodrážek know about it — in addition to recognition, you can get a special grant for your performance.

Let’s get into the sportswear

KTS has its own YTB channel, which is definitely worth your attention. You’ll find sets of exercises for beginners and professionals, for large outdoor areas, as well as home exercises in the living room.


Mgr. Ondřej Vodrážka

+420 377 638 616

Department of Physical Education and Sports

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