Be online with CIV

Portal, CIV, ORION account, JIS, … What does it mean?

These are terms you’ll hear a lot at the UWB, and you should know what’s going on, because you might be using “JIS card” daily. All this is related to information technology, which is run and developed at the university by the Centre for Information Technology (CIV).

Wi-fi connection

As for Internet connection in the university premises, every student can use both a wired and wireless connection to the Eduroam network or a wireless zcu-mobile network with their mobile device.

Note: The connection within the so-called eduroam federation has the advantage of being protected, allowing every user to join other member organizations, both in the Czech Republic and worldwide.

Connecting to a zcu-mobile wireless network is only recommended as a last resort; the zcu-mobile network is not secure.


The IoT Lab of the UWB, which deals with the “Internet of Things”, is definitely worth attention. The laboratory has a classroom with a capacity of 9 seats. There is on-site hackerspace with tools and devices needed to work with electronics, such as a 3D printer, microcomputers, or a digital embroidery machine.

What do you find in the IoT Lab UWB?


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