No barriers

Do you have specific educational needs? You are in the right place here!

Find out what opportunities the UWB offers to students with specific needs and find your way around the accessibility of university buildings.

Do you have a disability or have you been diagnosed with a specific learning disability?

>Who is a student with special needs<

Are you a student with specific needs and want to use the services provided by ICC? Register first.

>Registration of students with specific needs<

Are you waiting for admissions and will you need to adjust them in connection with your state of health? See how to do it!

>Modification of the admission procedure<

Do you need to adjust the study plan due to your specific educational needs? Find out what the options are.

>Modification of the study plan<

Do you need to rent a dictaphone or tablet? Do you have a bachelor’s degree written and do you need to check the Czech language? Discover what ICC can give you.

>Services for SP students<

Find out how it is with accessibility in the buildings where you have classes. Use the assistance service and find your way around the UWB.

>Barrier-free university<


Bc. Pavla Hrabačková

tel: +420 377 631 350

Mgr. Jana Krunclová

tel: +420 377 631 352

UWB Information and Counseling Center
Univerzitní 20
301 00 Pilsen

Openin hours:

Wednesday 12:00 – 14:00
Thursday 10:00 – 12:00

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