Modification of the admission procedure

The aim of the modification of the admission procedure is to provide applicants with disabilities  maximum compensation for the consequences of their disadvantage.

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Conditions for adjusting the admission procedure

  • Modification of the conditions of the admission procedure is permissible only at the level of the formal side of the admission procedure (i.e. at the technical and organizational level).
  • An applicant requesting an adjustment of the admission procedure with regard to his / her disability is obliged to state this in the study application (the check box is part of the electronic study application).
  • Applicants must submit the application no later than 4 weeks before the entrance examination in order for the UWB to be able to ensure that the conditions are adjusted to the required extent and quality.
  • Upon receipt of the application, the study department will forward the application to the ICC without undue delay, including all documents necessary for the decision to modify the admission procedure.
  • The ICC will process the request and provide other necessary details.
  • The Dean of the Faculty decides on the adjustment of the conditions of the admission procedure at the proposal of the ICC.
  • If, as part of the admission procedure, an entrance examination is performed for the faculty by an external entity (eg SCIO s.r.o.), this external entity provides specific conditions for the performance of this examination for persons with special needs.

Ways of adjusting the admission procedure

The basic principle is to set such conditions for applicants with specific needs that will enable them to carry out the admission procedure at the UWB in full and at a uniform level. These are in particular:

  • ensuring that the test takes place in barrier-free and suitably equipped areas,
  • the possibility of participation of an assistant, assistance dog or interpreter in the exam, etc.,
  • providing documents for the entrance exam in a suitable format.
  • The modification of the conditions of the admission procedure held at the UWB is regulated in Article 5 Pokynu prorektora č. 13P/2018.


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