Registration of students with specific needs

Are you a student with specific needs and want to use the services designed for students with specific needs? So read on!

If you are a student with specific needs or an applicant for study at the UWB and want to use the services of the Information and Counseling Center (ICC) designed for students with specific needs (eg assistance services, rental of compensatory aids, use of digital library, etc.), you must register.

Registration procedure:

  • Contact ICC for more information about the support system.
  • Agree on a date in the ICC for performing functional diagnostics. Before starting the diagnosis, they will acquaint you with “Lessons to support the study of people with specific needs”.
  • Submit the original or a certified copy of the document (medical report, proof of disability, proof of disability, report from previous diagnosis of specific learning disabilities). Must not be older than 2 years.
  • If you have an older document, you must obtain an up-to-date report or undergo an examination performed by an external workplace or a UWB specialist using a diagnostic tool.
  • After the functional diagnosis, you will submit, in cooperation with the ICC, an application for inclusion in the study system of people with specific needs and a description of the recommended didactic approach.
  • The application contains a proposal for measures, services provided and access by teachers (modification of the study plan).
  • You will receive the application in the ICC in two copies (one you submit at the study room, where you save it, the other is used for further communication with teachers).
  • The final decision on the acceptance of the draft measure is up to the faculty (in most cases the authorized person is the vice-dean for study matters).
  • The ICC subsequently serves as the coordinator of the implementation of the measures, it further communicates both with the faculty / individual teachers and with you.
  • The draft measure is valid for min. for one semester, if necessary (eg due to a change in health status) the proposal for the next semester can be adjusted.

Registration is voluntary and you do not undertake to use ICC services with it. You can cancel your registration at any time.

When can you register?

You can register at any time during the admission procedure and study. However, it is necessary to realize that some services cannot be implemented during the semester (especially the modification of the admission procedure and the modification of the study plan). The ICC recommends that all applicants apply to the ICC before the beginning of the semester or academic year.


Bc. Pavla Hrabačková

phone: +420 377 631 350

Mgr. Jana Krunclová

phone: +420 377 631 352

Information and Counseling Center

Univerzitní 20
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Opening hours

Wednesday 12:00 – 14:00
Thursday 10:00 – 12:00