Services for SP students

At the UWB, the Information and Counseling Center (ICC) provides support and counseling services for students with specific needs.

It is about:

  • Modification of the study plan (individual examination, offer of extraordinary consultation hours, individual pre-registration of the subject, etc.).
  • Consulting activities.
  • Study assistance, which can be provided in the form of spatial orientation, one-off / occasional / regular study assistance and technical assistance. The offer also includes the possibility of tutoring (individual consultations) and participation in adaptation and compensation courses.
  • Specific learning disabilities diagnostics and functional diagnostics, the aim of which is to assess the student’s minimum competencies and set compensations leading to successful study.
  • Processing of study literature, which is processing into a format that works well for the student (editable or non-editable text document, audio document or video document).
  • Rental of compensatory aids, which can be used by students with specific needs. The offer includes dictaphones, tablets, induction loop, laptop and more.
  • Linguistic proofreading of Czech texts, which mainly concern qualification theses, or written works of a larger scope.
  • Recording service, in which an electronic document is created during the course.
  • Sports activities in which ICC cooperates together with the Department of Physical Education and Sport. This is a Health Physical Education Course, which is intended for students with disabilities. Teaching is focused on influencing a weakly weakened organism, in terms of preventive, compensatory and regenerative.
  • Accommodation and meals in dormitories and canteens. Accommodation is provided in barrier-free rooms, which students can get, even if they live near Pilsen. The canteen on the UWB Bory campus is completely barrier-free, and the second canteen in the Kollárova building is also accessible with assistance.
  • International mobility, especially within the Erasmus program, where students with specific needs can apply for a special grant from the National Agency for European Educational Programs. The internship can also be implemented within other programs – such as scholarships of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, CEEPUS, OSF, etc. For more information on these projects, see. International Office.

Services for applicants

If you are a person with specific needs and you are interested in studying at the UWB, then contact ICC. They will ensure the adjustment of the admission procedure (eg they will ensure that it takes place in barrier-free areas, they will ensure the access of an assistant or assistance dog to the entrance exam, or the use of compensatory aids).



Bc. Pavla Hrabačková

phone: +420 377 631 350

Mgr. Jana Krunclová

phone: +420 377 631 352

Information and Counseling Center

Univerzitní 20
301 00 Pilsen

Opening hours

Wednesday 12:00 – 14:00
Thursday 10:00 – 12:00