Dormitories sweet dormitories!

Like other European universities, the University of West Bohemia provides dormitory accommodation for its students. The dormitories are run by the UWB Dormitory and Canteen Administration (“Správa kolejí a menz ZČU” — SMK). Which dormitory is the best in Pilsen has been the subject of endless debate for many years. Read Jana’s blog article, where she tries to summarize all the pros and cons.

List of dormitories in Pilsen

Other accommodation options

You’re not attracted to dorm accommodations, or you haven’t been assigned a dorm room… What now? Don’t despair and look on the web and Facebook pages dedicated to the offer of housing in and around Pilsen. You’ll find something. In Pilsen, so far, supply exceeds demand. Be careful signing a lease — read it carefully. It often consists of the first rental deposit, and this is usually the amount of min. in the amount of the monthly rent. Here it is the turn of nice parents / your savings.

Web pages:

FB groups:

A few final tips

On our blog in the Tips & Tricks section, you’ll find an article dedicated to bazaars where you can get second-hand furniture, and equip your apartment for reasonable money.


Where you can find dormitories in Pilsen?

Dorm A1, A2, A3

Borská 53
301 00 Pilsen

Dorm B1 – Bory

Máchova 14-16
301 00 Pilsen

Dorm B2 – Bory

Máchova 20
301 00 Pilsen

Dorm B3 – Bory

Baarova 36
301 00 Pilsen

Dorm L1, L2 – Lochotín

Bolevecká 30
301 00 Pilsen

Dorm K1 – Bory

Klatovská 200
301 00 Pilsen