Study and examination regulations

You must know the UWB Study regulation!

Credits, enrolments, examination, recognition of subjects, evaluation of studies, final theses, study interruption. That’s just a fraction of the terms you should know, because you’re going to meet them every day during your studies.

UWB regulations

There are more than a dozen internal regulations at UWB that you should be familiar with. The most important of these is the UWB Statute, which in Art. 4 contains a list of internal regulations that regulate sub-matters. Among them is the Study and examination regulation. This regulation may be modified by internal regulations or norms at individual faculties. Specifying internal regulations or norms must not impose a wider range of obligations or restrictions on a student than Study and examination regulations of the UWB.

Fair environment

The goal of the UWB is to develop a credible university environment, which is why a new code of ethics has been issued. Its main purpose is to define and support the desired ethical standards of behavior of the employee and student of the university towards colleagues, cooperating organizations and the wider public.



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