All about students grants

ICC manages the agenda of accommodation and social grants. The rules of grant payment at UWB in Pilsen are stipulated by the UWB Scholarship Regulations. You can find more grants at UWB.

Types of grants at UWB

Living in Pilsen costs something, but school can help you a little. If you rather commute to school, don’t panic, you may also be entitled to an accommodation grant. Another grant provided by UWB is a social grant. If your family is entitled to child benefit, you may be entitled to a social grant.

How are grants paid?

At the UWB, grants are usually paid to a bank account, so fill it on UWB Portal. You can do this in the section “Moje studium” (“My studies”) – “Moje údaje” (“My data”). All grants will then go to this bank account.


tel. +420 377 631 350-9

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