Accommodation grant

You don’t know if you are entitled to an accommodation grant? Wondering when and how it pays off? So read on.

Conditions for obtaining an accommodation grant

To obtain a grant, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You are a full-time student of a bachelor, master or doctoral degree programme.
  • You are studying in your first degree programme.
  • You have not exceeded the standard length of study in a degree programme.
  • The place of your permanent residence is in a different district than the place of your study.

You can get an accommodation grant regardless of whether you are staying at dormitories or elsewhere.

Application for an accommodation grant and award of an accommodation grant

Application for an accommodation grant is submitted electronically on the UWB Portal. If the request is granted, the student will receive the grant throughout the whole course of the study programme (i.e. to his/her student number). Students continuing their studies in post-bachelor degree programmes or in PhD degree programmes must submit a new application for an accommodation grant.

The procedure:

  • Log in to your UWB Portal
  • Click on “Studium“ (Study) and “Moje studium“ (My Study) and “Moje údaje“ (My Data).
  • Enter your bank account number (all grant money will be sent to this account).
  • Submit your application for the accommodation grant.

Wait for data verification by the Central Student Register Office SIMS, which usually takes until mid-November. Based on verification the grant will be awarded or you may also receive a notification with the particular reason why the application has been rejected (e.g. because it’s not your first study at a public university). The grant is recognized starting on the day that the electronic application is submitted, therefore, we recommend that you request it as soon as you have access to the UWB portal. If your application is rejected and you suspect an error in the verification process, you can submit an Application to Review the Rejection of the Accommodation Grant.

Accommodation grant payment method

The grant is paid retroactively for the previous quarter, in January, April, July and October. The date of payment and the amount are determined by the Rector’s decision. First year students are paid the grant for the 3rd and 4th quarter at once in January. This is due to the students’ data, which have to be verified by the Central Register.