Other grants

Would you like another grant?

Merit grant

If it is possible to get a merit grant at your faculty, try to get the best weighted study average. According to the UWB Study and Examination Code, there are general conditions for obtaining a grant and they are:

  • he/she has earned at least 60 credits in the past academic year,
  • he/she has not exceeded the standard length of study set for the relevant study programme.

More detailed conditions for awarding a merit grant are defined by the Dean. For further information on how to apply for a merit grant or how to have it sent to you, contact your student administration office.

Special grant

An special grant may be awarded by the Dean or the Rector. It is awarded on the basis of a duly substantiated application of the student, at the proposal of the relevant workplace, or on the initiative of the Rector or Dean of the faculty.

Ph.D. grant

The Dean awards PhD grant to students of the PhD degree programme in the full-time form of study for the standard length of study and up to an amount which he / she determines in accordance with the proposal of the PhD supervisor and the Field of Study Boards. A PhD grant is awarded for a period of twelve months of the given academic year.