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Roasted „škubánky“


Who among the Czechs does not know “škubánky”, but – and this is important – everybody knows them mostly only in the mushy form from school canteens. However, these will be firm, crunchy and (surprisingly) salty!

Amount: 2 portions


  • 400 g potatoes
  • (strong) bread flour/ coarse wheat flour
  • salt
  • oil
  • marjoram
  • caraway seeds


Peel the potatoes, cut them and cook. Pour them in time (so that they are not too soft) and mash them.

Salt, sprinkle with spices, add flour and mix everything into a dough that does not stick too much and can be used to shape patties. (We have to put flour as needed, it depends on the type of potatoes.)

Then we heat the oil in a pan, tear off a piece of dough and smooth its surface. Fry until golden and crispy.

Enjoy your meal!

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