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Public transport in the Pilsen region for beginners


Travelling by public transport in the Czech Republic follows various rules and tariffs. I will explain to you how travelling in Pilsen and the Pilsen Region works in this article.

Travelling in the Pilsen area

Travelling in the Pilsen area is simple. You usually use public transport which is ensured by the Pilsen City Transport Company. The system consists of three means of transport: yellow trams (lines 1,2,4), green trolleybuses (lines 11-18) and red buses (lines 20-58).

If you are looking for the right connection for your trip, simply use the connection search engine directly for public transport in Pilsen or the My PMDP mobile app. Public transport route map can also help you.

Even buying a ticket is no problem. In all connections you find a self-service terminal for buying a ticket directly in the vehicle. Always use the one with a colour screen, there is possible to buy a ticket by contactless bank card. All you have to do is to choose how long time the ticket should be valid and attach the card. The terminal gives you a ticket, which you should keep carefully in case the ticket inspector would check you. Don’t underestimate the purchase of a ticket, ticket inspections are quite often and sanctions are not small!

There are three other options to buy a ticket. The first of them is the Virtual Card mobile application. You can also buy a ticket via SMS.

After purchasing a ticket, you see a code in the app, which you show in case of ticket inspection. The second option is a paper ticket that you buy at sale outlets. You mark the ticket in “the marking machine” as soon as you board a vehicle. “The marking machine” is a small, very old-looking box in which you put the ticket and move it towards you. It perforates the ticket and from that time is the ticket valid. This is always a non-transfer ticket, it means after leaving the vehicle it stops to be valid.

All other tickets are transferable, they are valid for a specified period on all connections in the Pilsen area. You can transfer all means of transport. You can also use the train. The train stops, between which you can go with a public transport ticket, have “Pilsen” in their names. The train can speed up your journey from the Main Railway Station (Plzeň hl.n.) to Bolevec (Plzeň-Bolevec) for Instance.

In the Virtual Card app, there is possible to purchase a ticket for several days. You select the “Pre-paid fare” options, zone 001 and select how long the ticket is valid. You can choose from one to 365 days.

Travelling in the Pilsen Region

During your travels around the region you encounter the regional integrated IDP tariff. It combines all kinds of transport in the region – public transport, trains, buses. The Pilsen region is divided into zones. The whole of Pilsen is in zone 001, the other zones are called outer tariff zones and each has its own number.

During your trips through the region it doesn’t matter exactly where you start and end your journey, but through which zones you go. You will pay for each zone you pass, including those where you enter and exit. You can find the price in the price list. Within the paid zones and within the period of validity of the ticket, you can travel on all connections you want.

For example, if you go from the railway station “Rokycany” to the station “Plzeň hl.n.” and then change to public transport and go to the stop “Univerzita”, you will get a ticket for zone 001 (Pilsen) and one outer tariff zone (Rokycany), which is valid 60 minutes. During this time you can use any connection on the route, including public transport in Pilsen.

If you need more time or go through 7 or more zones, you will buy a network ticket. It is valid for 240 minutes and is valid for any route within the entire region, public transport in Pilsen included.

You can buy the ticket at the cash desks, from the driver in the bus or from the train conductor.

You can find the connection in IDOS, for the Czech Railways trains use the My Train application.

Travelling in the Czech Republic

The IDP tariff no longer applies to the outside of the Pilsen region. The transport conditions are different in each region. It always depends on the specific connection you are travelling on.

Most trains are dispatched by Czech Railways – for their trains you find everything you need in the My Train application or on the eshop, including the purchase of tickets. For train journeys, it is also possible to use the state OneTicket tariff, which applies to all trains regardless of the carrier. It is suitable for journeys during which you use trains from various carriers. You can also find which connection you will use and other necessary information on IDOS.

Happy Journey!

Foto: Archiv PMDP

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