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Where to go to study (caffeine editions)

It took a while to set up the Internet at the apartment, and school started in a week. As a newcomer in the city, I was looking for a wi-fi connection at Cafes. It was 2012, my phone was already prehistoric and without data, and with my sister’s Macbook, I feel super-modern and mobile. But even with a super cool device, you won’t like that one cup of coffee after two hours. That was when my search for the best place to study in Pilsen started, where you can sit as long as you want, have a reliable and fast wi-fi connection for free, have drinks and food for a student price, and feel cool all the time.

Lungo and wi-fi password, please

Among the students of the sought-after café in the city center is certainly Anděl in Bezručova Street. You get free peanuts with the wine, the coffee is good too, and there is peace and a good internet connection. Only the nature shows that run on the local screens are slightly confusing (or distracting).

Just above the Anděl is the Café Regner, which offers a slightly different range and also visitors. Seated in comfortable armchairs, which generally looks like from the Hipsters of Pilsen section. There is a bookcase, and it works very well in a separate lounge. A bonus is a beautiful but eternally occupied balcony. Come in!

For the last two years, city center has experienced a cafe boom (not counting this spring). Richer coffee lovers  will surely appreciate the excellent (as really fabulous) coffee in the café Le Frenchie is just a short walk away in Smetanovy sady. They regularly host Speak Dating (French conversations) and are famous for their excellent breakfasts. Staying with the “new spots,” it is definitely worth to mention the Schovaná kavárna, which, among other things, offers photogenic views from their hidden backyard.

Many of my friends go (used to go) study to the CrossCafe, the Pilsen coffee shop chain. Although the local coffee splits customers into two camps, whipped cream chocolates and cakes are a safe bet. In addition, you can sit here with one drink until closing.

The staff will not disturb you even in Papírna, where you just order and then work and work. The Papírna may not be in the city centre, but it’s a good place to study. Their large, airy spaces and outdoor seating are worth a visit.

Of course you can find good cafes right at the university. More on that next time. 

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