Payment schedule

Didn’t the appeal work out or did the deadline for filing expire? Do you know that you will not be able to pay the tuition fee on the due date?

Don’t despair! You can request a payment calendar.

How to apply for a payment schedule?

  • Pay at least a quarter of the fee.
  • Download the application form for the payment schedule and fill in your name, surname, address, birth number, personal number and also the number of the Decision in the Matter of Charging a Tuition Fee and its date of issue.
  • In the application form, state the relevant reasons why your payment schedule should be approved (especially your income, bank statements, etc.)
  • Bring the complete application in person to the ICC or send it by registered letter.

There’s no legal right to approve the payment schedule. The student’s effort to pay the fee and the ability to pay it must be evident from the application. The Rector may decide to approve it if the following conditions are met:

  • the application doesn’t contain any defects (it is complete and everything is documented),
  • is submitted before the due date of the fee,
  • a quarter of the fee is paid,
  • you have duly paid all previous fees.

What about then?

If you enter into a contract on the payment calendar with the UWB, you are then obliged to pay the agreed amount by bank transfer. The amount must be credited to the UWB bank account no later than on the due date. Failure to comply with the payment schedule is associated with subsequent sanctions – the amount due will be enforced through legal means through an authorized person, which is a law firm. No reminder is sent to the student.

If you need advice on requesting a payment schedule, or have any other questions about tuition fees, contact the ICC team.