How to find out when you need to start paying?

Not sure if you were charged tuition? There are several ways to find out.

Students are recommended to follow their obligations to the university on the UWB Portal in the section “Moje údaje“ (“My Data”) in the box “Závazky studenta vůči škole – co má student zaplatit“ (“Students Obligations to University – What the Student Pays”). At the time you are charged a tuition fee, the UWB will send you a registered letter entitled Decision in the Matter of Charging a Tuition Fee. The letter is automatically sent to the delivery address given in the student’s personal information on the UWB Portal, or to the address of your permanent residence if stated otherwise. The decision on the matter of charging a tuition fee must be delivered exclusively to the addressee in person. No family member or other authorised person may accept the consignment, only on the basis of a power of attorney.

The Decision in the Matter of Charging a Tuition Fee is issued at least 90 days prior to the due date of the fee payment.

Letter delivery and possibilities of letter acceptance

  • You can pick up the Decision letter in person or at a branch of the Czech Post (Česká pošta) within 10 days of the collection time. The day of receipt is delivery.
  • If you are not able to accept the letter from the Czech Post, the consignment is considered delivered after 10 days of being deposited at the CP, even if the addressee does not collect it.
  • The Decision is not delivered – the Czech Post will return the consignment with a note reading “person unknown at this address”, “moved without address”, or “addressee not identified”. In such case, the letter is posted on the UWB / faculty official notice board for 15 days and thus considered to be delivered.
  • You refuse to accept the Decision letter – the CP will inform you of the legal consequences resulting from refusal with the words: “the consignment is deemed to have been delivered on the day of your refusal, even though you did not accept it”. The document is delivered on the day of refusal.

The day following the day of delivery is the first day of the 30-day period submitting an application of appeal.

You can then collect the letter personally at the UWB ICC, where a copy will be made for you.

The last option is a reminder

If the fee isn’t paid after the due date, ICC will send you a reminder. A reminder is sent to students by school e-mail. If you no longer have student status, you will receive a reminder by mail to the same address as before, a letter with a Decision in the Matter of Charging a Tuition Fee.