Appeal against the study-related fees

I received the “Decision in the matter of charging study-related fees”. What next?

If you have been charged a tuition fee, you may appeal this decision by filing a request for review of the decision pursuant to Section 68 (7) of the Higher Education Act.

Calculation of the appeal period

The appeal period begins on the day following the day of delivery of the letter and lasts for 30 days. If the 30th day falls on a weekend or holiday, an appeal can be made on the first following working day both in the post office and in person at the ICC. You can use a calculator for an approximate calculation.

Deadline can only be waived for serious reasons that must be substantiated. You must give reasons for your application for remission and deliver it at the latest together with the appeal.

How to appeal step by step

  • Download the appeal form or collect it in person at UWB ICC’s reception desk.
  • The application must be made in writing and must contain all the required particulars (name and surname of the applicant, correspondence address, birth identification number, student number, reference number of the decision in the matter of charging study-related fees, justification of the application, date and the applicant’s signature).
  • In your application, you may request a fee waiver, a fee reduction, a reassignment of the due date or a review of the decision. Anyway, in the application, state exactly what you’re asking.
  • Download the Reasons for Reduction or Waiver of Study-related fees or collect it in person at UWB’s ICC reception desk.
  • All the reasons given in the application must be substantiated by a copy of the original document in question. An exception is the weighted study average
  • By fulfilling and demonstrating one or more of the given conditions, the tuition fee may be reduced depending on the seriousness of the reasons and their accumulation. At the same time, previous payment of obligatory fees will be taken into consideration. The fee can be waived only for extraordinary reasons worthy of special consideration.
  • If you are not sure of the correct wording or relevant reasons for submitting your application, come to see us or give us a call at UWB ICC. We will be happy to advise you.
  • A completed and documented application can be delivered personally to UWB IPC or sent by post; however, the application must be sent by registered mail.

The appeal is sent. What’s next?

The ICC will send you a second-instance decision within 30 days. In this decision, the UWB addresses only the reasons stated and documented in the application. This decision comes into effect on the day of its delivery and can no longer be rescinded. You won’t find payment details in a second-instance decision to pay the fee, they’re in a first-instance decision.