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No more wandering the university corridors


We’ll introduce to you each faculty, advise you on how to take shortcuts to classrooms, and spice it all up with a few tips on where to go for refreshments between lectures.

Faculties in the city centre

Faculty of Arts (FF)

To know the connected buildings and intricate corridors of the Pilsen Faculty of Arts is a Nobel Prize in itself. If you are accepted to this faculty, you are likely to see the following abbreviations in your schedule under your courses: SP (Sedláčkova Street 15), SD (Sedláčkova St. 19), ST (Sedláčkova St. 31), RJ (Riegrova St. 11) and JJ (Jungmannova St. 1). Finding the appropriate classroom may seem like a simple task given that everything takes place more or less in one street, but this is not always that easy. For example, you would look in vain for the entrance to a building with the abbreviation RJ in Riegrova Street, but you have to go through the arcade in Sedláčkova St. 15, where at the end on the right there is a door with the inscription RJ (probably because the windows of the classrooms face “Riegrova St.”). Well, you have to deal with it, philosophers. 🙂

The most convenient means of transport for FF students is the tram. All tram lines (1, 2, 4) cross at sady Pětatřicátníků, and the Hlavní pošta stop is also nearby, where lines 1 and 2 stop from the direction Slovany. Another advantage is that you can shorten your journey to FF via the Faculty of Law. These two faculties share a backyard.

Faculty of Education (FPE)

In the case of the Faculty of Education, it is necessary to know where Chodské náměstí and Veleslavínova Street are. The so-called “Veleslavínka” is again located a short distance from the sady Petatřicátníků, so all tram lines are suitable. In the case of Chodské náměstí, you are limited to tram line number 4 and get off at the same name tram stop. In addition to the abbreviations CH (Chodské náměstí 1) and VC (Veleslavínova 42), you may also see the abbreviation KL (Klatovská 51) under the names of your courses, which is practically the same building as the abbreviation CH, just a different entrance. At first, there is no harm in limiting yourself to the colours – the abbreviation CH indicates the yellow half of the building and the abbreviation KL the entrance from the blue part of the building.

Faculty of Law (FPR)

The epicentre of the Faculty of Law stands a few metres from the tram stop of the aforementioned sady Petatřicátníků. Next to the faculty is the University Library of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts.

Faculty of Health Care Studies (FZS)

The Faculty of Health Studies is located in Husova Street. The Maranatha Church, whose tall clock tower rises just across the road, may be a checkpoint. There are many different ways to get here, including tram number 4, trolleybuses 10-17, or buses 20, 35, 41 and 56. For most connections, you only need to remember the name of the stop “U Práce”, lines 41 and 56 stop at the J. K. Tyla Theatre. The faculty is then within walking distance of two minutes.

Where to eat well and spend time between classes

Both Sedláčkova and Jungmannova Street are located right in the city centre, so all the shops, bistros and cafés you would want to go to between lectures are within easy reach. In addition, right next to Sedláčkova 19 (room SD) you’ll find the university’s student co-working and student recreation room Kulturka, where you can get free coffee and tea or heat up your food from home. Around the corner is the university café Družba. You can also go to the nearby CrossCafe, and a greengrocer sells his fruit and vegetables every weekday on the sady Pětatřicátníků.

The canteen in Kollárova Street, located near the OC Plaza, is intended for all the above-mentioned faculties located in the centre of Pilsen. For study purposes, the Education and Research Library of Pilsener Region is widely used, where for a low annual fee you can borrow books as well as their online catalogue, which currently contains around two million books.

University campus

The remaining faculties are grouped within the University Campus at Bory. All faculties can be reached conveniently by the recently extended tram line number 4, with approximately every other connection going directly to the Technická and Univerzita tram stops. The remaining connections end at the Bory tram stop, from where you can easily walk to the campus. Buses 24 and 30 also take you to the Západočeská univerzita stop a few times a day, and NC Borská Pole stop  (lines 15, 17, 18) and Goldscheiderova stop (line 29) are also within walking distance. If you are not a fan of public transport, you can also drive to the campus and park in the parking lots at the FEL or FAV building.

Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAV)

The main entrance of the faculty building is located right next to the Technická tram stop. The more accessible side entrance is for staff only and as a student you can only use it if someone else opens the door for you.
On the ground floor of the “FAVka” you`ll find a great buffet and a study room with board games. In front of the entrance you can hide your bike or other similar means of transport in the bike room. On the first floor there are two conference rooms (rooms US207 and US217). The rest of the building houses the individual departments (UC rooms) and NTIS research labs (UN rooms).

Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FEK and FST)

FEK and FST are located in the oldest and largest building on campus. The building contains a large number of rooms (UH, UD, UX, UP, UL, UV, UF, and UU) and we highly recommend following the large navigation panels in the lobby of the building. There is also a café in the lobby, and you can use the ATMs or vending machines with snacks.

The building also houses selected university departments, including the Lifelong and Distance Learning (CŽV), the Project Centre (PC) and the Language Training Institute (UJP) and its two cultural foreign centres: the US Point and the Russian Centre.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is also connected by a tunnel to the University Library (UK) building, which is home to the library and study rooms as well as other university departments. Outside the FST you can store your bike in a cage protected by a JIS card or borrow a kick scooter.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL)

You may visit the FEL building when you visit the largest auditorium at the university, room EP130, where lectures are also held for students from other faculties. There are also various laboratories, EU classrooms and a buffet.

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art (FDU)

The building of the so-called “Sutnarka” is graphically designed in the style of Ladislav Sutnar, an avant-garde artist and Pilsen native. You won’t get lost inside; numerous labels and signs will guide your way. However, one would look in vain for a buffet or other refreshments (not counting vending machines).

Other campus buildings

The campus contains not only the faculty buildings themselves, but also the canteen, gym, the Rector’s Office building and the University Library, which houses the offices of the Information and Counselling Centre (ICC), the Centre for Information Technology (CIV), the B-room student recreation room and the International Office, where they advise you on study abroad trips.


If you get lost even after reading this article, the infopanel next to the Rector’s Office building on campus or the map of buildings from the Department of Geomatics will help you.

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