Study Counselling

This type of counselling involves support for existing UWB students particularly in the following areas:

  • assistance in finding your way around after transferring from secondary school to university,
  • introduction to the university environment,        
  • support in dealing with study difficulties and problems throughout your study,
  • issues of accommodation and social grants,
  • counselling on paying study-related fees.

The Study Counselling also provides applicants for study at UWB in Pilsen information about survey of study options, admission procedure conditions and preparatory courses. During the academic year, the Study Counselling cooperates with secondary school guidance counsellors in the Pilsen Region.


Information and Counselling Centre
tel: +4320 377 631 350-9

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu 9 am – 3 pm
The opening hours are adjusted during the holidays and exam period — by prior e-mail appointment.