Student associations

Aren’t you afraid of challenges? Join one of the student associations.

There are currently more than fifteen student associations at the UWB. Their thematic scope is really wide – we have associations focusing on student internships, organizing cultural and educational events, then “journalists,” active firefighter or hockey athletes, or even a team taking part in formula races. There’s definitely plenty to choose from!

What do you get by joining in a student association?

By joining one of the student associations, you can try everything out, and then enter the job with valuable experiences. In addition to a great item on your CV, membership in such an association can bring you memorable experiences or even friendships for life.

Boldly do it!

Choose the student organization closest to your heart and go for it! We recommend that you go through the brochure dedicated to individual associations (online see above, printed one in Kulturka or B-Room) and contact a specific association directly. They’ll be happy to tell you the conditions of membership. Or you can also visit the UWB Year One festival, where all associations will present themselves and ask about everything in person.