To experience!

Having practice is a necessity. But which one to choose?

The labor supply so far exceeds the demand in Czechia. The chance that you will find a part-time job while studying is quite high. The question is, do you want the practice in your field or you will follow the amount on the payroll. Either way, we have some tips for you.

Take advantage of the university

  • Ask your department / faculty — students often help at enrollments, state examinations, faculty events, etc., the advantage is that the reward comes to you as a special grant (that is, untaxed).
  • If you want a longer-term collaboration, try your luck at the University Library – it’s the students behind the desk.
  • If you don’t want peace, then know that student are welcome at the University Cafe Družba or at university’s clubs (administered by the UWB Union of Students).
  • If you want more professional work while you’re studying, don’t miss the Job Fair, which is held regularly on campus in Bory in the spring.
  • If you want experience and practice and money is not a factor, get involved in student associations at the UWB, where there are more than 15 and you will surely choose “your own.”
  • Why move in Pilsen when you can discover foreign lands? You can find a wide range of study internships on the UWB International Office website. Part-time jobs and internships abroad are also the topic of student associations AIESEC, IAESTE or AEGEE.

Options outside the university

  • If you want a part-time job in culture and outside the university, ask directly at your favorite cultural center. They may be looking for guide, cleaners or receptionists. We recommend subscribing to the Art Institute’s weekly newsletter, where job opportunities are also addressed.
  • You can also use a little action and ask to get a job in a café or hotel. At the Anděl Cafe, for example, it’s almost a tradition for students to work behind the bar.
  • The House of Foreign Cooperation offers interesting internships in the Czech Republic and abroad. Follow them on social networks or subscribe their newsletter.


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