Student projects

Make your dreams come true — how to projects!

Projects at the university are under the thumb of the Project Center. Among other things, it provides methodological support to project developers and draws attention to grant opportunities. However, you, as a student, may be more interested in internal grant competitions.

Who will pay for it?

Within the UWB, students can apply for the following 3 grants:

  • GRAS (Grant support for student activities): support for projects dealing with students’ educational, cultural, social or sports activities or international mobilities.
  • Student science conferences: supporting conferences, where students present the results of their research.
  • The UWB motivation system, especially the part called TALENT, which supports master’s and doctoral students in research activities.

 They’ll be happy to tell you more about projects and grants directly at your department or faculty.

More tips

Are you wondering how to move your project from idea to realization? Would you like an expert consultation? Take advice from the business innovation association BoostUp, where they’ll be happy to provide both mentoring and suitable contacts. At the UWB IoT Lab, they’ll advise you in solving student work, where you need to use IoT technology.

Don’t leave your ideas in the drawer!


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