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Places to run in Pilsen


Are you new in Pilsen, you like to run, and you don’t know what the ideal place is? In that case, you’ve stumbled upon a useful article!

You just want to run for a while and clear your head? If you live in the dorms in Bory or Klatovská, the clear choice for you is “Borčák”, or Borský park, which is suitable not only for studying on a blanket in summer, but also for sports activities. To run it is like made! The circuit through Borský Park is about 4 km long and has no elevation gain.

You live in the city center? Don’t despair! Start by stretching at Mlýnská strouha, through Štruncovy sady you can head (1) to the brewery, (2) past the river Mže, where you can “run stairs” at the Roosevelt Bridge, over the Roosevelt Bridge to Roudná or Lochotín and beyond. In the opposite direction, you’ll reach the náměstí Republiky. Alternatively, you can run across the bridge, take a left and continue to run around the river Mže.

Another tip for running in the center is the running route, which starts on Denisovo nábreží and continues towards Slovany. This route runs along the Radbuza River and through a beautiful and well-keep park, which will take you to Papírna. You can take it back along the river, around DEPO2015, and across the Anglické nábřeží back to the center. If you want to destroy yourself more, you can continue from Papírenská bridge further along the river and then turn back through the Slovany.

A popular place for running is certainly around the Bolevec ponds, which are located in Bolevec. Here you can choose several running routes. You can only go around Velký Bolevecký pond, or take the 10 km route you start at Velký Bolevecký pond, you can continue around Malý Bolevecký pond, pond Košinář, further around Senecký pond to Vydymáček and from there to Kamenný pond, from which you can continue to Šídlovský pond and from there around Třemošenský pond back to Velký Bolevecký pond. Among other things, the Velký Bolevecký pond is a great place to ride in-line, and on hot days the beach is useful here.

Do you live around Doubravka, Lobzy, Božkov or Slovany? You’ll fall in love with the running route around the river Úslava. You start at Rokycanká Street, across from the Alfa Theatre. Beautiful nature and quiet around the river is guaranteed. Along the way there is the Lobezský park, which is newly renovated and is ideal for running, so run through the Lobezský park to the church of St. Martin. Then back through the park to the river and along the river you run to the footbridge, which is located near the shooting range, which you can across and on the other side of the river go back (about 5 km). Or you can continue around Božkovský brook. In case you live in Slovany, the beginning of this route around the river Úslava can start at the bus stop called “Rolnické náměstí” to which you run from Slovany via Lobezská Street.

Do you want to get out of city and want views? Enjoy nature around Radyně Castle! Run from Božkov around the river Úslava, then through Koterov, then along Písecká Street towards Olympia and then only through nature to Radyně. From Radyně the same route back, it is about 20 km.

If you love running, run wherever you want. Movement is important, we must not forget it.

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