Psychological Counselling

The staff of Psychological Counselling focuses on crisis intervention and helping clients who are in difficult life situations.

Therefore, professional assistance particularly addresses the following areas:

  • resolving partner and family relationship problems,
  • resolving study difficulties,
  • situations of loss.

All of these areas can affect a student’s psyche and thus his/her study performance. Thanks to the more then ten-year-long tradition of psychological services at UWB, it is possible to mediate further professional, e.g. psychiatric or other medical treatment. Clients can get advice on their career growth and on the ways to better handle difficult situations connected with university studies.

The UWB Psychological Counselling Center is located in the FPE building, but by agreement it is possible to meet elsewhere. Check out the contacts below and contact one of our university psychologists. There is nothing to fear!



Specialists at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education:

Doc. PhDr. Jana Miňhová, CSc

PhDr. Václav Holeček, Ph.D.


Mgr. Vladimíra Lovasová, Ph.D.


External specialist:

Mgr. Marek Rubricius

Consultations only by prior arrangement.

The Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education

Chodské náměstí 1
301 00 Pilsen
door number CH 210

Opening hours:
Thu 16:30 – 18:00

We recommend that students contact staff in advance by email. It is also possible to agree on another date with them.